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4 Budget Traveling Tips For The Chinese New Year Holiday in Malaysia

Raise your hands if you are one of many people who are excitedly waiting for the new year holiday. Well, do not be shy, because, in this article, you are going to find budget traveling tips for the Chinese new year holiday!


If you are Malaysian, the tips below can be applied not only for traveling inside the country, but also for traveling abroad. Bring your family and your kids to have some joy while waiting for the Chinese new year holiday time by planning your budget traveling tips as soon as possible only on!


So, without any further do, here are some budget traveling tips for the holiday on the Chinese new year you can try!


How To Holiday on A Budget?

How to have a holiday but in a budget condition? Here are some tips you might want to try:

1.   Find The Promos For Flights & Hotel Room

Nothing is impossible, as long as you have the encouragement to make it happen. For the holiday trip case, some of the things that make the budget increase is ticket flights and also hotel rooms.


Well, with Traveloka, say no more to worry about it! It is because, during the Chinese new year period, Traveloka offers so many discounts which you can book earlier. You can use this chance to press the expenses on ticket flights and also book a hotel room.


2.   Set The Plan For Holiday Earlier

The second tip you might use for budget traveling tips so you can have less expenses is by setting the plan for the holiday earlier. It means that you can plan your trip a month or three weeks before the time of the holiday comes. 

As you and we all know, the closer the date to the Chinese new year holiday the price for the ticket flights, entrance tickets, and even accommodations will increase massively! It is of course close to the peak season, where many students are also in their holiday semester.


That’s why we don’t want it to happen because it will harm your finances. So, in order to avoid this thing happening, make sure to plan your holiday trip during the weekend long before the time comes.


3.   Create A Budget Plan

Everything can happen during a holiday trip, even though we already plan it as neatly as possible. Sometimes, there will usually be unexpected expenses during the holiday trip. Therefore, to minimize this, you can avoid it by creating a budget plan during the holiday trip.



How to create a budget plan? Well, you can start with the ticket flights price, the accommodation to stay in price, and entrance tickets for attractions. Don’t forget about the food money also!


If you are creating a budget plan, you will have an illustration of how much you are going to spend during the holiday trip. You can also separate the budget for every day for foods or even the ticket entrances.


4.   Create Attractions Plan During The Trip

Last but not least, the other tips you can use for budget traveling tips during the holiday trip is by creating attractions plans during the time. It is important, because the ticket entrance is different, based on where it's located and also the facilities.


That’s why, in order to press the budget expense for attractions’ ticket entrance, you can do your own research about where you want to go, on what day you are going to visit the attraction, how many people you are going to bring, and many more.


To make the budget expenses' for the attractions’ ticket entrance, you can also try to find hidden gems or even not-so-famous attractions, because they usually offer much cheaper ticket entrances.



Plan On A Budget Traveling with Traveloka

These are all some tips you can use in order to ease the expenses during the Chinese new year’s holiday trip. So, have you already planned where you want to go to welcome the new year?


If you plan to do nothing, you might want to choose a staycation around Malaysia by booking a staycation hotel on Traveloka.


So, what are you waiting for? Don’t think about anything! Plan your memorable holiday trip with your beloved one with Traveloka. Check the Traveloka App now to get the offers for holiday trip promo now!

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