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Bridal Bouquet Ideas for Summer Weddings | Little Flower Hut

Bridal Bouquet Ideas for Summer Weddings | Little Flower Hut | Most women would want to have their wedding during the summer season. This makes it easier for them to look for a venue and also to get almost everything they need from wedding flowers to gowns. It can provide convenience to the guests because they don’t have to deal with the rain and getting to the venue fresh and beautiful. You can also find lots of arrangements in Little Flower Hut for summer wedding bouquets such as the following.

  • Fresh and Feminine Bouquet – For this flower arrangement, you will need succulents, garden roses, ferns, and peonies. You’ll have to combine these flowers, wrap with a ribbon, and add a little greenery for a simple but elegant look.

  • Sweet Pastel Bouquet – This arrangement will require you to use roses, lilac, peonies, and stock flower. The bouquet looks bulky but lively because of the flowers in different colors. It is also perfect if you will use different colors of ribbons to tie the flowers.

  • Pom Pom Colour Pop – The bouquet includes pom poms, chrysanthemums, tulips, and carnations. It perfectly suits white gowns because the colors of the flowers will surely stand out.

  • Sunny Delight – Waxberry, eucalyptus, roses, and dahlias are used for this type of bouquet.

  • Rustic Boho Wedding – This bouquet includes chamomile, chrysanthemum, coneflower, clematis, garden roses, veronica, and larkspur that are cut in small stems. You can use a lace or a ribbon to tie the flowers.

  • Pretty in Pink – Pink will always be associated with women so it is not that surprising why it is also perfect for wedding bouquets. You can use flowers such as pink jasmine vine, hyacinth, roses, hydrangea, wax flower, and sweet pea.
Different styles of wedding bouquets definitely give the bride with a stunning look. This is the reason why it is best that you search for the style of arrangement and flowers to use for the bridal bouquet as early as possible if you want to come up with the one suitable to your wedding. It is important that you also have an idea about the gown that you would wear for that special day because this can help you narrow down your options. You have to perfectly match your bridal gown and bouquet especially when it comes to the colors. If ever that budget is an issue, then you can simply check seasonal flowers that are more affordable than rare flowers or those that are not in season.

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