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COVID & Travel: Travel Insurance Is The New Normal For Traveling


COVID & Travel: Travel Insurance Is The New Normal For Traveling

Once upon a time, travel insurance could’ve been easily classified as a luxury. However, things are far different today! In light of recent developments, the simple truth is you can’t afford to travel anymore without this all-important coverage. All of this is thanks mainly to the advent of the Covid 19 pandemic. So, here, we’ll be explaining just how relevant travel insurance is to your staying protected during the pandemic and the best place you can get the right coverage for you as a Malaysian!

The Effect Of The Pandemic On Travel Insurance Today

  1. International Travel Is No Longer What It Used to Be

If you aren’t already aware, please be informed that the landscape of international travel has changed profoundly! Due to the spread of the pandemic, several measures have been put in place to curtail its transmission. The immediate impact is that if you’re not adequately armed with travel insurance and you get held up at an international airport due to an unexpected Covid 19 test, the costs you’ll incur from such an experience won’t be minimal.

  1. Trip Cancellations Happen at a Higher Frequency Now

In fairness, flight and trip cancellations have been around for longer than the pandemic has. However, no one would argue that the frequency with which these incidents occur has increased drastically since the pandemic hit. What’s more, because these cancellations hit without warning, people who don’t have travel insurance are left defenseless when it happens. However, with any Covid-related travel coverage under your belt, you’re better prepared to take such an unexpected development in stride. It is because you can rest assured that you won’t be bearing the financial brunt of that sudden change of plans.

  1. Travel Rules Are in the Constant State of Flux

Never before have international travel rules been so unstable. The immediate impact of this volatility is that you can’t anticipate how things will go on your trip with any measure of certainty. So, for instance, you could take off without a hitch only for you to make an unscheduled landing due to a change in the travel and flight regulations of the destination country. Without a solid travel insurance coverage policy to fall back on, you might come up short and have a bad experience on the whole.

We can trace these developments in part or whole to how the pandemic has changed the world as we know it. Even though things are slowly returning to a level of normalcy, flying without travel insurance right now is still a risk not worth taking. So, if you want to make the most of travel insurance without sacrificing more than necessary, you need to know your choices.

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