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Lifelong Learning Power Tips for the Serious Learner

Lifelong Learning Power Tips for the Serious Learner

Learning doesn’t stop when we leave the classrooms of high school or lecture halls of university.
In fact, the human brain changes throughout life in response to experience – this is called plasticity. Don’t let the term scare you, though the odd term and the word “plastic” might make you think of Tupperware or Saran Wrap. It merely means that our brains can be taught anything (almost anything) with just the right amount of effort and the right kind of motivation. What’s even better is that our brain retains this plasticity at any age and even as we are ageing. This makes learning an easy concept. Here’s some tips on how you can take advantage of this ability to enhance your journey of lifelong learning.

Expand your learning interests

One of the easiest ways to increase your learning interests is to learn more about something that you are already interested in. Think about the things you love to do, or the things that affect you deeply. Sometimes these can be the starting point in your quest for learning. If you’re into fitness and health, you can learn even more about the human body by reading up on it. If you love playing the piano, learn more about its history, how it was made, and how composers influenced music today. If you are into investment, read up on investment guides to penang properties. The possibilities are endless. This makes learning much easier because you’re already interested in the topic at hand!

Get a job that requires you to learn

Get a job that requires you to constantly learn new things and update your knowledge base. This might sound like a lot of work, but it is actually a huge blessing in disguise. Lots of people constantly get bored with their jobs due to repetitive mundane routines. There is nothing more boring than a dead-end job that boxes you in. Push yourself to constantly improve yourself by learning. Factoring in some lifelong learning to your job helps you constantly challenge your brain by learning new things and understanding new concepts. This keeps you on your toes and makes sure you are on an uphill rise career-wise. And hey, you get more job satisfaction as well!

Make a conscious decision to learn

It’s easy for people to get sedentary with their knowledge once they’re not pushed to learn anymore. Don’t let the absence of teachers and exams kill your drive to learn. Make a conscious decision to learn! Sometimes all it takes is just that one decision that catalyzes your thirst for knowledge. Always look for new ways to expand your knowledge and your skills – start taking those tap dancing classes, learn a new language, learn how to play an instrument. Lifelong learning can also manifest itself in other simpler ways. Reading can also be a good catalyst of lifelong learning. Read up on some Russian history or even about some odd trivia. Keep your reading sources wide and varied. Not only does it keep you informed and in touch with the world, it also helps you stay current and relevant.

Make learning your best friend

We are easily influenced by the people around us. Why don’t you try taking advantage of some of that peer pressure to give you a gentle push in the right direction? One of the best ways to motivate yourself is by surrounding yourself with like-minded people. They don’t have to be intellectuals or geniuses, all you need is a group of people that have a thirst for knowledge that refuses to be slaked. When you keep the company of such people, their unquenchable thirst is bound to rub off on you. This can be just the push you need to drive you to explore your interests and realize your ambitions.

Grow with learning

The more you learn, the more knowledge you gain, the wiser you become. Learning does not have to come from books and literary sources alone. You also learn through experience. Every experience is a chance for you to learn more about yourself, about the people you interact with, and about the world. Every footstep on your journey will bring with it something to ponder on. So, don’t walk through life aimlessly. Although you may forget these experiences in time, you need to remember the lessons that they bring and teach you. Learning not only helps you expand your knowledge, it helps you grow both mentally and emotionally.

Last words

Although we don’t get any younger, continuous lifelong learning keeps your brain active and helps you remain young. As we grow older, we succumb to boredom, illness and stagnation. However, as long as you keep pushing the yearn to learn lifelong, you can maintain a certain degree of youthfulness. Think of lifelong learning as the elusive fountain of youth. This may give you an upper hand in the future and may aid in keeping Alzheimer’s and dementia away.

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